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Day Hospice provides a bi-weekly opportunity for men and women who are living with a life-limiting progressive illness to enjoy a day of relaxation and caring companionship in a safe, comfortable setting. It offers a place for tranquility and social sharing, enjoying a gourmet meal and for taking part in complementary comfort care therapies and aesthetic services. There is no fee for services.

Day Hospice is offered at The Stabler Centre. The program is open to residents living in Niagara, over the age of 18 with a life-limiting or terminal diagnosis.

For referrals and/or inquiries about Day Hospice please contact The Stabler Centre at 905-984-8766

Niagara - South Day Hospice

Niagara - South Day Hospice will be offered at The Centre de Santé on East Main Street in Welland. The program is open to residents living in South Niagara over the age of 18, with a life-limiting or terminal diagnosis. Call 905-735-1701 to meet with our Client Services Coordinator, Susan, who will help determine if Day Hospice is right for you. Meetings can be arranged at our office in the Prince Charles Medical Centre or in the home.

A new addition to Day Hospice is the Sharing Project.  For more information on this project, please see below.

The Sharing Project
Have you ever wondered how you are going to share your life legacy? Is documenting the highlights of your life on your “Bucket List”? Many of us think about making a written record of some sort, but never actually move the intention into reality. Yet participating in this process is a true gift! Hospice Niagara’s new initiative, the Sharing Project, does just this.

With the Sharing Project, Hospice Niagara now has specially trained volunteers available to help Hospice Community Clients and Residents create a written document of their life legacy. Since September, we have helped nine people reflect on their lives during a 30 to 60 minute in depth interview. That interview is then transcribed and edited into a story-like document. Upon completing the first draft, an opportunity for further editing and the addition of more thoughts or details are offered to our clients. Some people have chosen to complete the project at this point. One of our clients requested that four copies of his story be simply bound so he could present it to his children as a unique and priceless Christmas present. Other people have chosen to take their story one step further, having our team compile their legacy along with scanned photographs into a bound, soft-covered, professionally printed book.

The Guiding Beliefs of the Sharing Project are:
Every person’s story matters.
In the telling of the story there is healing and growth.
Leaving a recorded legacy has value.
Families are comforted by the stories of their loved one long after the person has died.

The Sharing Project is rooted in the principles of Dignity Therapy Research conducted by Dr. Harvey Chochinov and his team in Winnipeg. Dignity Therapy is “a recounting of thoughts, ideas and events that are particularly relevant and meaningful for patients to recount and pass along to others. For most patients, it is an opportunity to share the moments that shaped their lives... It also helps the patient get in touch with the accomplishments and experiences that have made them unique and valued human beings”. (Source:

A special thank you to AstraZeneca Canada Inc. for their financial support of The Sharing Project.

TVCOGECO's Video on The Sharing Project


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