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Sometimes you just need to be around positive, friendly people who share a similar life experience.

Sometimes you need to laugh. Talk. Listen to music. Maybe have some fun playing games and telling jokes. Really, just ordinary things you’d do with a bunch of friends, while focusing on wellness.

This is Day Hospice. 

We know that living at home with a life-limiting illness can feel lonely and isolating, even if you have lots of support from friends and family.

People tell us one of the best things about Day Hospice is the opportunity to relax, exhale and many times forget about treatments, medical tests and even illness. 

Meanwhile, family caregivers can take some time for themselves, too. 

It’s all about sharing, companionship and connecting with others in a safe a supportive space.

All our programs and services are offered at no cost to our Niagara community.

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It gave me a sense of belonging and connecting again … It brought me back to life."
-Albert, Day Hospice participant

Day Hospice offers support and companionship for people living at home with a life-limiting illness.

In-person and virtual opportunities are available.

Hospice Niagara staff along with help from a group of enthusiastic volunteers who offer a certain joie de vivre and positive energy to the group.

Volunteers have completed training as well as a police vulnerable sector check.

Virtual Day Hospice offers several sessions every week. Examples of activities include: playing cards and other games, trivia challenges, arts and crafts, and listening to music too. 

Most of all, there’s a lot of conversation, laughter and sharing. 

Participants can also receive a Day Hospice Connecting email filled with recipes, humour, brain teasers, photos, short stories and regular columns, to read during the week at their own pace.

In-person and virtual opportunities are available.

Participate in Day Hospice

The first step to participating in Day Hospice, is to fill out a Program Referral Form.

If you require help, more information or would like to talk with someone, please call our main number at 905-984-8766 or email and mention that you are interested in Day Hospice. 

Program Referral Form

Day Hospice
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Meeting with everyone, even virtually, has been really helping to take my mind off my pain from my illness."
-Day Hospice participant