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Kids grieve differently than adults and it can take them longer than we expect to adapt to a significant loss in their life. They can feel grief physically, in their whole body. It can change how they think, and how they behave. Grieving kids might have trouble sleeping, perform poorly at school or show no interest in activities they once enjoyed. And yet sometimes, their inner turmoil can be invisible even to people who know them well. 

Parents and other adults who are close to grieving kids might not even recognize these as signs of grief, or may be grieving too, and feeling overwhelmed. Children and youth often feel alone in grief. Having an opportunity to connect with other kids and share personal experiences, can be helpful as they learn to cope in healthy ways with their own feelings of sadness and adjust to the loss. Our grief programs are free and offer children and youth time to explore their feelings of loss in a safe and supportive space.

Grieving has no start and finish line and kids can join a program any time after experiencing a death in their life.

Creative Kids


Ages 6 to 11  Virtual group program

What does grief look like? What colour is it? Is it a square, circle or random meandering lines?

Art is a great way to reach kids who are experiencing feelings of grief and loss, fear and worry, anxiety and sadness. In Creative Kids we use the process of art-making to help children express their thoughts and emotions in a safe and creative way. Connect with peers, share stories and memories of their loved ones.

No artistic abilities needed. Artistic expression helps kids gain control over strong emotions and provides an outlet for thoughts that are often unspoken.
All materials provided. 


Ages 12 to 17 Virtual group program

Expressing emotion through art is a powerful way to release feelings of grief, anxiety, sadness and pain.

Come be creative with us. Art from the Heart brings together youth who have experienced the death of a significant person, at any time and of any cause. In a safe and supportive space we will share, connect and explore difficult experiences, feelings and thoughts in a creative way.

No artistic abilities needed. This workshop is more about process of exploring grief as we work towards well-being, and not the final product. 

All materials provided.

Art from the Heart
Music Speaks

Music Speaks

Ages 6-11  Virtual group program

Putting emotions into words is hard. Especially when kids are dealing with feelings of grief and loss.

Music can often be an outlet. Music Speaks provides a safe and supportive space for children to connect with peers and share experiences while building healthy coping skills. 

Finding a voice through music can help kids reduce anxiety and process their grief. Activities include listening to music, singing, song writing, and creating artwork to music.

This group is open to children who have experienced the death of a significant person at any time, and of any cause. No musical experience is necessary.


Ages 12-17  Virtual group program

Music is a simple way to process complex feelings. When youth are dealing with grief and loss, music can help them express difficult thoughts and feelings, when words alone are not enough.

Rhythms brings together youth who have experienced the death of a significant person, at any time and of any cause. In this safe space, they are encouraged to share their stories and connect with peers as they explore grief and learn healthy coping strategies.

Activities include listening to music, singing, song writing, and creating artwork to music. No musical skills are necessary.


Participate in a Program

The first step to participating in a grief support program, is to have a parent or guardian fill out a Program Referral Form. Once the form is submitted, we will connect with you within a week to discuss the program and confirm registration.

If you would like more information, please call our main number at 905-984-8766 or email Mention that you are interested in a Child and Youth Grief Program and we will make sure you are directed to the right person.

Program Referral Form

Grief Support For Children