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In life, we will all leave behind pieces of ourselves for other people to honour and remember us by. 

This is our legacy.

Often it’s the simple things about us that hold the most meaning for the special people in our lives. A favourite recipe. A fond memory or story. A photograph. A fingerprint. Even a conversation. 

It’s actually good for anyone to think about their legacy. Reality is though, that while we might think about creating tangible memories and keepsakes for people in our lives, the intention doesn’t always become reality. 

Sharing Projects can provide some motivation, inspiration and assistance as you explore the idea of legacy and what it means to you. Elaborate or simple, the important part of a legacy project is that you are taking time with love and purpose, to make something for the people you care about.

In fact, the time spent connecting and sharing moments with the special people in your life, can be just as meaningful as the keepsake itself.

Another name for Sharing Projects, is legacy project. It is a lasting memory, a special keepsake created by you, for the special people in your life.

The time you spend creating a legacy project with family members or friends can be equally as meaningful, comforting and rewarding as the actual keepsake itself. 

Legacy work is about life and living, connecting and sharing moments in the present time with the people you love and care about.

The keepsake becomes a tangible, comforting reminder that your family will have to treasure for years to come.

The best past about a legacy project is that there is no right or wrong way to approach it. 

It can be whatever you want it to be, and take as much or as little time as you’d like. You can use our project suggestion templates and ideas and work on it together with a family member or friend. Or, you could create it by yourself.

Even the simplest projects become timeless creations. 

If you are interested spending more time on a project by creating a legacy book, we have volunteers who would enjoy working with you to reflect on a few life lessons that could be organized into the pages of a small book.

Write a letter
A letter is your loved one’s voice, in words. It can be hand-written, typed or spoken and recorded.

A favourite recipe
Recipes can preserve memories and the stories of your loved one’s life. Reminisce about the special moments and favourite meals shared together as you write out a recipe.

Share a story
Reminiscing with your loved one about special times can bring joy and a sense of pride. Sharing stories and life lessons is a wonderful way to pass on wisdom to the next generation.

We have idea templates for you to use with a family member or friend, or one of our volunteers could help you assemble a short legacy book of photos and life lessons. 

Creating simple artwork with fingerprints is a great way to include family members of all ages. 

Comfort stones
A special quotation, word written or fingerprint on a stone is a precious gift. 

Write a song
Writing lyrics for a song can actually be very simple, like writing a poem. Just let the words and feelings flow. 

We have volunteers gifted with musical abilities who would enjoy helping you with the creative process.

A legacy book is a collection of personal reflections and life lessons you’d like to share with special people in your life.

It is good to think about whom you are writing the book for, before you start. This will help you focus on the content, remembering that it is not a biography but rather a short legacy with treasured words from you. 

Typically, the creative process involves meeting with a volunteer to generate thoughts and ideas. You also might want to add a few photos to complement the text. A legacy book is usually about 20 pages with different printing options.

Participate in Sharing Projects

The first step is to fill out a Program Referral Form and someone will connect with you to talk about the different project options.

If you require help, more information or would like to talk with someone, please call our main number at 905-984-8766 or email and mention that you are interested in Sharing Projects.


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