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Our Services

Our Services

Hospice palliative care helps people live well and stay connected from the time of diagnosis with a terminal illness, at end of life and while grieving a death. 

No one needs to do this alone. 

Hospice Niagara provides this specialized care with compassion and dignity for people, caregivers and family members at home and in our hospice residence, free of cost.

Living well is about recognizing the human story that accompanies illness, ensuring that care is provided in ways that are meaningful, respectful and important to the person and their family.

Living well at HOME

living well at HOME

Palliative Care Outreach Team
Help for pain, physical symptoms of illness and emotional health.
Visiting Volunteers
Friendly visits for companionship and non-medical support.
Day Hospice
Connect with others for fun, conversation and wellness.
Sharing Projects
Create meaningful keepsakes to share with loved ones.

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Living well at HOSPICE

living well at Hospice

St. Catharines
Care, compassion and dignity for people at end of life and families.
Opening in 2024, co-located with Foyer Richelieu.
Fort Erie
Opening in 2024, co-located with Gilmore Lodge.

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Living well with GRIEF

living well with Grief

Grief Support for Adults
Better understand grief, strengthen resilience and well-being.
Grief Support for Children & Youth
Explore feelings of loss with other youth grieving a death.

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Living Well as a CAREGIVER

living well as a Caregiver

Education for the Caregiver
Learn healthy ways to care for yourself, as you care for others.

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