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Deputy Premier visits hospice

The Stabler Centre
July 22, 2022

We were beyond thrilled to have the Hon. Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier & Minister of Health and MPP Sam Oosterhoff stop by for a visit and tour at The Stabler Centre in St. Catharines.

Once again, we were able to express our gratitude for the province’s commitment to hospice palliative care in Niagara and its investment of $4M to expand Hospice Niagara. We were very pleased that Minister Jones recognized the importance of hospice palliative care and the unique experience it offers to people and families.

Expansion to bring palliative care close to home in Welland and Fort Erie

Niagara Dailies, Niagara This Week
May 9, 2022

Hospice Niagara gets funding boost for new facilities in Welland and Fort Erie

Hospice Niagara has taken a big step toward bringing palliative care closer to home for area residents after receiving a recent financial boost from the provincial government. The organization recently received $4 million toward the cost of building two new palliative care facilities — one in Welland and the other Fort Erie — which will be located next to long-term-care facilities.

Niagara gets provincial funds to expand palliative care across region

The Niagara Independent
May 6, 2022

Today, people are living longer and with more complex conditions, and Hospice Niagara helps increase the quality of life for people diagnosed with a terminal illness, people at the end of their life, and people grieving the death of a loved one. 

Recently, the Ontario government invested $4 million to improve and expand this service. The investment supports a plan to build two new Hospice Palliative Care Centres of Excellence in Welland and Fort Erie. These will add 20 new hospice beds to the 10 that currently operate in St Catharines since 2007. 

The Tom McConnell Show

610 CKTB
May 3, 2022

Ontario Building a Stronger, More Resilient Hospice Niagara

Ontario Ministry of Health news release
May 3, 2022

$4 million provincial investment will bring two new hospice palliative care centres to Welland and Fort Erie

The Ontario government is investing $4 million to expand Hospice Niagara by adding two new Hospice Palliative Care Centres of Excellence in Welland and Fort Erie. This will increase access to compassionate, high-quality palliative care for families in the Niagara region as the province continues to build a stronger, more resilient health care system that is better prepared to respond to crisis.

Willson International supports hospice care in Niagara with $1.5M pledge

Thorold Today
November 25, 2021

Expansion includes the addition of 20 new hospice beds, construction of two new Hospice Palliative Care Centres of Excellence in Niagara by the end of 2024.

Two major donations for Hospice Niagara

610 CKTB
November 24, 2021

YourTV Niagara

November 24, 2021

Today we are here to honour the past, celebrate the present and look forward to a future of compassionate hospice care and the unimaginable difference it can make in Niagara.

Hospice Niagara receives large donations for new centres in Fort Erie and Welland

Fort Erie Post, Niagara Dailies
November 24, 2021

Agency has reached 70 per cent of Close to Home campaign.

CKTB Weekend Edition

Matt Holmes Show
July 17, 2021

Carol speaks with host Matt Holmes about the $4M approved by Niagara’s Corporate Services Committee and the need in the region for hospice care, especially given the large population of seniors and people with chronic, complex illness.

Niagara will spend $4M on two new hospice centres, but $14 must still be raised

CKTB Radio – News – Website
July 14, 2021

Members voted unanimously to approve an investment of $4 million.
“We commend the committee members’ vision and leadership,” said Carol Nagy, executive director of Hospice Niagara. “It’s important that every person across our region has access to exceptional hospice palliative care, closer to where they live, at a time in life when they need it most.”

St. Catharines supports one-time funding to Hospice Niagara for south Niagara builds

Niagara Dailies, Niagara This Week
June 1, 2021

St. Catharines is going ahead with its commitment to help fund 20 new Hospice Niagara beds in south Niagara and 2 new Hospice Palliative Care Centres of Excellence. Counsellors voted in favour of approving $646,351 over five years.
Mayor Walter Sendzik said the provincial governments for years have neglected hospices and the important role they play in communities.

Niagara in need of increased hospice capacity

Niagara This Week
February 11, 2021

Local hospices looking to expand

The need for high quality health care has never been more obvious than in the past year. But as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect hospitals and long-term-care facilities, there’s another area of the health-care continuum that local officials are hoping to improve: end-of-life care. And it’s something that will continue long after the coronavirus currently wreaking havoc on our lives is in the past. “We believe this care is everybody’s right,” said Carol Nagy, executive director of Hospice Niagara.


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