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Living at home with a life-limiting illness can feel lonely and isolating. 

Maybe you’d like to talk with one of our trained volunteers for some friendly conversation?

Visiting Volunteers are good listeners who enjoy offering their time and companionship, providing non-medical support. 

Visiting Volunteers connect with people both by phone and home visits. They enjoy going for walks, playing cards or a board game, or helping you with a hobby or other activity. Or, maybe you’d simply like to talk about your thoughts and feelings. 

Often times, people find they can share thoughts and feelings with a Visiting Volunteer that might be more difficult to share with a loved one. 

While they are visiting, family caregivers can sometimes take time for themselves.

Visiting Volunteers have completed special training and have passed the appropriate police background safety checks. Many have experienced a significant loss in their own life which helps them to be uniquely suited for this role.

They are not medically trained and are not intended to replace a health care professional.

They do not administer medications, change dressings, perform housecleaning duties or provide personal care.

People and volunteers are matched by attributes including personality, interest and geography.

I’d like a Visiting Volunteer

The first step to accessing a Visiting Volunteer is to fill out a Program Referral Form.

If you require help, more information or would like to talk with someone, please call our main number at 905-984-8766 or email and mention that you are interested in our Visiting Volunteer program.

Program Referral Form

Visiting Volunteers