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Looking Ahead, The Future is Now

An $18M campaign is a monumental task but together we can achieve the unimaginable. 

Every commitment we make today, will make a difference for generations to come. 

We must take up this challenge together. We can do no less.

No one needs to do this alone.  You can help.



Canada Revenue Agency provides tax credits against your donation which can considerably reduce the final ‘cost’ of your charitable gift. The chart provides examples based on a 40% Ontario tax credit, however when considering any kind of gift, it is important to seek professional financial counsel.

There are many other ways to give, such as gifts of stocks or securities that may provide increased tax benefits. All gifts may be pledged over a 3 year period.

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Increasing capacity in hospice palliative care throughout our region ensures every person receives the high quality of care they expect and deserve for generations to come."
-Carol Nagy, Hospice Niagara Executive Director


Get involved in providing exceptional and compassionate hospice palliative care in Niagara.
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