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Education for the Caregiver

Education for the Caregiver

Recognizing, understanding and supporting family caregivers has never been more important. As a caregiver, you provide valuable, ongoing care and support for friends, family, neighbours and loved ones. You are a vital part of a person’s health care team.

And sometimes, you need care too. 

Supporting caregivers with healthy ways to take good care of their own health and wellness, benefits both you as the caregiver and the person who receives your love, compassion and support.

Caring for the caregiver, is good for everyone. 

The Caregiver Network of Niagara offers programs to help family caregivers discover ways to manage stress and build resiliency, while providing an opportunity to share personal experiences and connect with other caregivers. 

The first step to participating in a Caregiver Education Program is to fill out a Program Referral Form at the bottom of this page, and someone will connect with you.

Programs are free and are offered in both English and French. You care for them … We care for you.

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I am learning to ‘pause’ when my patience is really tried and I’m feeling particularly frustrated. It has worked! So, I’m feeling positive."
-Family caregiver
Basic Care for the Caregiver

Basic Care for the Caregiver

Boost your confidence and well-being as a caregiver by learning skills to help with the day-to-day care you provide as well as practical ways to fit self-care into your life. 

Explore strategies for effective communication with your loved one and with health care professionals. Learn about safety strategies, help available in the community, and easier ways to accomplish daily activities.

And don’t forget about you! Let’s talk about self-care that you can actually fit in to your day.

Caregiver Connect Virtual Drop-in Support Group

Want to talk with other caregivers without having to commit to a full program? Drop in and we’ll be there for you.

Join our virtual support group when it fits your schedule, and connect with other caregivers to share experiences, challenges, successes and ideas. 

Having a safe place to discuss your experiences with others who understand can lead to a sense of empowerment and a renewed sense of control over your situation.

Caregiver Connect Virtual Drop-in Support Group

Participate in a program

The first step to participating in a Caregiver Education Program is to fill out a Program Referral Form and someone will connect with you.

If you require help, more information or would like to talk with someone, please call our main number at 905-984-8766 or email and mention that you are interested in Caregiver Education.

Program Referral Form

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This practice is like turning on a light when searching for something in a dark room. It shines a bright light on everything; then we can find what we are looking for — our true self."
- family caregiver